Quick Starter Guide To Become Free Fire Pro Gamer

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game that has been downloaded millions of times and constantly has a large user base.  Free fire is one of the most played games worldwide.


in this article, we will be sharing best tips and tricks to become a pro free fire player, therefore, continue reading this article to enhance your gaming.

The game Free Fire is incredibly intriguing and captivating. Those who play it desire to excel at it and become Pro Players. The top 10 Free Fire pro tips and tricks will be covered in this article.

Who are the Free Fire Noob Players?

A new player is referred to as a “noob player.” For instance, if someone calls you a “Noob” while you’re playing Free Fire, they’re referring to your lack of experience. These days, people use this phrase to intimidate players and demonstrate dominance. The term “noob gamer” refers to a person with less gaming experience. It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to play if someone calls you a “noob player.” They might be saying this just for fun.

Who are the Free Fire Pro Players?

Pro players are those who have been playing this game for a while and are knowledgeable about it and how to play it. However, the term “Pro Player” is now used to denote dominance over the younger players.

Even a novice player can excel in Free Fire by simply following a few guidelines, or should we say Tips and Tricks? Although there are numerous videos and articles on tips and tricks on the internet, this article offers some of the most effective and actually tested tips and tricks I have personally discovered.

How to become a Free Fire expert in two days

  1. Keep your degree of sensitivity where it is comfortable for you. When playing ranked games, especially, sensitivity is crucial.
  2. Choose the appropriate weapon from your arsenal. If you like long-range weapons, pick up an AK-47 or a Groza with a silencer in place. If you prefer short-range weapons, pick up an mp40 or a m1887 shotgun.
  3. Use other tools that can save your life, such as glue wall grenades and medical kit mushrooms.
  4. It’s a wonderful spot to study gun glue, wall grenades, and much more. Practice in a clash squad or train numerous professionals there.

5). If you enjoy camping, pick a character you like. It’s fantastic to pick great characters, so pick them carefully. Choosing Hayato or Alok is a wise move if you enjoy fighting. Rafael firing a gun or Laura Best is a fantastic choice for scooping, and if your health is a top priority, go with A124 Lequita Jota or Maxim, and choose Paloma to transport any more luggage.

How can I become heroic in free fire in a day?

You cannot attain Heroic and Grandmaster in a single day. You must play at least three to four hours of free fire each day, winning at least 20 matches to qualify for the heroic rank. You can swiftly raise your rank by using a double rank token.

How to Play Clash Squad in Free Fire

Many people don’t know how to play clash squad in free fire, therefore if you want to become more professional but don’t know how, I advise you to do so by playing clash squad.

The mode change button must be used in order to access the rated clash squad option when playing clash squad in free fire. Choose it, then press the Start button.

How do I raise my free fire level?

It can be challenging to immediately level up your free Fire account, but if you play every day for two years, you can quickly achieve level 70. Only a few players in Free Fire have reached level 100. If you’re a new player, concentrate on honing your skills. Additionally, your free fire level will immediately rise.

Which areas in free fire offer the best high loot?

It is challenging to determine which location is the greatest for high loot or level 3 loot in free fire because high loot constantly changes throughout each round. However, you can still land at Factory, Clocktower, Mill, and Peak. There is always a ton of Level 3 stuff accessible. You can spend the Bounty Token to get Level 3 loot right away.


I hope you enjoyed reading our Free Fire Tips And Tricks article. You will easily advance to the level of professional free-fire player if you use all this advice and practice regularly. Please spread and share this article to your friends and relatives. They will benefit greatly from this expert advice and techniques to excel at free fire.

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