Top 10 Best Methods For Obtaining Free Amazon Gift Cards


Free Amazon gift cards can actually be obtained in a number of legitimate ways. You can buy a few things you want and almost anything you need with these free gift cards without using money from your regular paycheck. You can perform a number of quick tasks online to earn free gift cards.

Check out the options we have listed below and you can also use the generator below if you want to earn free Amazon gift cards.

How to Get Daily Free Amazon Gift Cards

Although there are countless opportunities to win free Amazon gift cards, the ones I’ve listed below are among the best. How come they are the best?

The free Amazon gift codes are delivered quickly.

You can exchange them for free gift cards without having to earn a lot of money (Some sites have a high dollar threshold to receive a payout.).

They are trustworthy websites that actually pay their users. They are not a con and won’t abandon you.

Here are some of my favorite websites and services that will compensate you with free Amazon gift cards without further ado.

Survey Junkie

You will get daily survey invites from Survey Junkie, a legitimate survey site, which means you can earn free gift cards more quickly.

Only two or three paid surveys are offered on some websites each month. One gift card could take up to a year to obtain at this rate!

With a $10 balance and points earned for each survey, you can purchase Amazon gift cards. Along with free gift cards, PayPal also offers online cash transfers.

Additionally, Survey Junkie provides a useful blog where you can learn how to make even more money. For anyone looking to improve their financial wellness, this feature can be fantastic.


LifePoints has more than 5 million members and has been in operation for more than 50 years.

Additionally, this company welcomes members from numerous nations, making it a great website if you reside outside of the United States. It’s comforting to know that you can earn rewards and money with this website from almost anywhere in the world!

The paid surveys ask you questions about a range of subjects, such as the movies you watch or current events. Additionally, invitations to test products may come your way. On this website, you most definitely won’t feel bored.

Each survey you complete earns you points, and as a reward, you can choose between an Amazon gift card code or other free gift cards.


You can test products on Toluna, a survey website and social media platform. Toluna actually offers more product tests than the majority of survey websites.

You can play an online game and engage in friendly competition with the other 10 million Toluna users on the platform.

Finally, you can exchange your reward points for cash or gift cards, like those from Amazon.

There are no costs associated with signing up for or keeping your membership with Toluna.


InboxDollars is a well-known website that also compensates users for their opinions. In addition to paying you to complete surveys, they also pay you to watch videos, play games, and conduct online shopping transactions.

Additionally, you will receive a $5 bonus simply for signing up! One of the options for this site’s redemption is PayPal cash.

Additionally, you receive a bonus from your referred friends’ friends every time they succeed financially!

One of the most popular get-paid-to websites on the internet is InboxDollars, which has distributed over $80 million in cash rewards to users. You can use the website with confidence knowing that it is legitimate.

Fetch Rewards ($2 Bonus Included)

Earning rewards is incredibly simple with Fetch Rewards.

When you shop for food, simply scan your receipt from the grocery store or neighborhood market to receive bonus points for specific purchases that you can later exchange for Amazon gift cards.

The fetch rewards app offers free gift cards.

The best way to increase your earnings is to browse the app prior to shopping and discover items that you would have bought anyhow. Simply purchase the brand that is listed in the app, and you will be credited with points. A single shopping trip frequently allows you to earn hundreds or even thousands of points. I recently went on a trip where I bought Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Doritos, and some Pepsi products, earning me 5,000 points. Enough for a $5 gift card, please!

Not just Amazon gift cards, but hundreds of other rewards are available when you redeem your points.

If you’re feeling generous, you can choose to donate your points to a charity of your choice rather than receiving an Amazon or Walmart gift card.

Trade-In on Amazon

Try the Amazon Trade-In Store for your unwanted items; they even accept things you didn’t buy from Amazon!

These items are returnable to Amazon:

platforms for gaming and video games

Kindle e-readers


Wireless gadgets





I’ll give you a personal illustration: Amazon offered to pay $15 for a DVD I have. I paid $18 a few years ago for the DVD!

But for the same movie on other buyback sites, I might only get a few dollars. With my Amazon Prime account, I can spend that quick $15.

Selling your previous Amazon Kindle is a good alternative to trading it in. You upgrade to a new version in exchange for a free Amazon gift card and a $20 bonus from Amazon!

Not all trade-ins on Amazon will be very profitable. They occasionally only provide a few dollars. Or, if there is little demand for your item, they might not want it.

Perhaps it would be wiser for you to sell your used books on BookScouter.

You can view buyback prices from more than 42 vendors on this website. Don’t forget to get a second quote before selling your used electronics.

After all, other tech-focused retailers may provide better deals for your non-Amazon devices.


Do almost all of your online purchases result in cashback? Check out Honey if not.

When shopping online with the Honey Gold feature, you can receive up to 15% cashback and pay with a gift card.

You can also save money on Amazon by using honey. They quickly display the lowest price available on Amazon. Occasionally, purchasing from a third party seller may be less expensive.

Honey tries to help you save money on all of your online purchases. Before you complete your purchase, Honey applies all active promo codes.

For instance, you can cut costs when ordering pizza or buying new clothing for the family. With this benefit, you don’t get any free Amazon gift cards, but you do save money.

You can receive PayPal cash in addition to gift cards as payment for your rewards.

Opinion Website

You might also think about Opinion Outpost for surveys. Each survey typically lasts 10 minutes or less. Additionally, with a $5 balance, you can start cashing out your rewards.

The $10,000 quarterly prize drawing is also open to you. You receive a free entry for each survey you attempt to complete.

Even though you must fill out a profile with some basic information, not all surveys will be open to you. Instead, you’ll need to answer a brief questionnaire to determine your eligibility each time.

By chance, you might spend a lot of time completing quick questionnaires that disqualify you from participating in a survey.

Microsoft Bonuses

Amazon gift cards and Microsoft Rewards don’t sound alike at first. However, you gain points for using Bing as your default search engine. You earn 5 points for each search. Then, with 5,000 points, you can purchase a $5 Amazon gift card.

By participating in the daily quizzes, you can also gain extra points. You can also take part in daily offers to earn points. Install the browser extension to discover these additional offers.

Using Bing makes sense unless you absolutely must use Google for your work or research. Microsoft Rewards membership is free. And it’s all about the money! It actually pays more than the majority of web search engines.


You get paid by AppNana to download and evaluate mobile apps. You continue to accrue points even if you decide to delete the app! You can still use your favorite apps, though, to make life simpler.

Additionally, playing games and watching videos will earn you points. You can withdraw your balance for a free Amazon gift card with just a $1 balance.

Numerous positive reviews from thousands of users are encouraging. Additionally, according to the website, it has given out over $10 million in game gift card credits.

Those statistics ought to allay any concerns you may have about the legitimacy of this platform.

For both iOS and Android devices, there is AppNana.

Request Amazon Gift Cards

Ask your customers to pay with Amazon gift cards when you run a side business. And for your birthday, you can always ask for Amazon gift cards.

They also make wonderful Christmas presents. Perhaps you are the person who is difficult to buy for!

Additionally, Amazon gift cards are a great method of payment. It’s simpler than cashing a check in some ways.

Additionally, you don’t need to deposit money into your bank account before shopping online. You can now use the card directly on Amazon as you complete your purchase.

Amazon Gift Card Generator

You can also generate amazon gift card codes and give few trails. in order to get daily free unlimited amazon gift cards you can simply click on the “Generate Now” butto

Frequently Asked Questions

The most well-known gift card-giving websites are Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, and InboxDollars.

Q. Are the websites selling Amazon gift cards legitimate?

Yes. Every website on our list above is legitimate and will award you with free Amazon gift cards in exchange for carrying out easy tasks.

Q. Do these websites provide alternatives to gift cards as redemption options?

Yes. While some will make direct deposits to your bank account, others will offer PayPal cash.

Q. Which websites provide welcome bonuses?

Among the options that provide sign-up bonuses to speed up cash out are InboxDollars, YouGov, and Ibotta.

Q. Which tasks do you perform to earn Amazon gift cards?

You can watch videos, participate in paid surveys, and test products on some websites. Others demand that you download a cost-free browser add-on.

If you have got any questions, you can simply get in touch through contact us page.

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