Top 10 ways to Get Daily Free Spins for Coin Master


Even though you just wanted to play, there are times when you run out of spins! Here is a list of every method you can use to quickly accumulate spins. Here are the top 10 ways to keep spinning and winning, whether you buy them, win them, or get them from your awesome friends.

Purchasing Spins

 Spins, various promotions, and sets are always available for purchase in the store. On the home and village screens, click any of the icons in the upper left corner to access them. Select the items you want, then complete your purchase by following the on-screen instructions.

Embracing Friends

Yes, inviting friends who have never downloaded the game before will earn you free spins. Just keep in mind that you can only earn spins by inviting 250 friends to the game through your link and completing all of the required steps.

Obtain from Buddies

You can receive up to 100 free spins per day from all of your friends by allowing them to send you one spin each. Please select “Gifts” from the main menu on the screen, then click “Collect all” to collect spins from friends.

Ask your team for spins

You can submit one request every eight hours to your team (10 spins from teammates). Your teammates can send you spins by simply pressing the spin icon button.

Change the time

When you run out of resources, go to your clock settings and set a future time when you can unlock new resources and items so you have time to build your village.

Wait 10 Hours

With 5 to 10 spins, you can do nothing; as a result, wait 10 hours before returning to the game to begin collecting coins. Once many spins have been accumulated, you may end up winning with higher betting odds, and thus a lot. You would be able to rob other villages if you had more than 50 spins.

Obtain Daily Bonuses

To increase your chances of receiving more spins and coins, don’t forget to claim your daily bonus. The foundation of the game presence is the thrill of the game, which is kept fresh in you by collecting daily bonuses. By using the daily bonuses and the advice provided, you can quickly earn up to 50 Million coins.

Claim From Competitions and Events

Spins are frequently offered as prizes in events and competitions. You win more money and spins the more you play. Claim the spin prizes to have more spins.

Air Balloons

Some balloons have the ability to activate spins when they are active. Before they fly away, quickly pop them for free spins.


You can win free spins on a regular basis if you land on three Spin symbols. You can get more spins by placing higher.

Completion of Village Level

When the village is complete, a box with rewards will parachute down and give you unique rewards. These prizes frequently come with spins. You will get more rewards for finishing a village when the Obsession with Villages event is running.

Finishing the Card Collection

You get rewards each time you finish a set of cards. Each set of cards comes with its own rewards, which are frequently spins.

Social Network Contests and Sweepstakes

Players can take part in lotteries, competitions, and sweepstakes that are announced on the game’s official social media pages in addition to other fantastic ways to earn spins. Be aware that there are several phony Facebook pages offering rewards for clicks, comments, and reposts. Additionally, there are websites that offer to hack the game. Remember that they are all scams and that they could seriously damage your device!

What are the Coin Master rules?

In Coin Master, some players refer to themselves as rule players. This implies that they adhere to a set of rules when playing, and they expect their friends to do the same. They are basic guidelines.

Never assault your friends. The simplest way to do this is to select random from the revenge button when you receive an attack. You will typically find people there who are not on your list of friends.

If you plan to raid them for at least 5 million coins, let them know. To do this, send a Facebook dm and wait a while to learn whether you can dig or whether you must wait until they have spent all of their coins. Because the person receiving the raid gets to spend his coins and you can recover the original coin supply, this trick benefits both parties.

Not everyone plays in this manner, so if you don’t know the person you are connecting with, double-check or be upfront about how you play. It might be best to just unfriend each other and look for new friends if you are not a good fit.


This way you can get more free spins and enjoy the game. Spin will help you too build village, unlock next level and be a pro player.

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